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About us

NORD Technological Bureau (TBN) is founded by former managers of legendary SCTB NORD having more than 30 years of work experience on this field. The Company has an extensive portfolio of technologies which have been successfully proven in large-tonnage manufacture of thermoelectric materials. The main goal of TBN is production of thermoelectric materials (ingots, slices, dices) and thermoelectric (cooling and generating) modules with challenging properties:

  • exclusive cycling reliability
  • elevated efficiency
  • ability to work at high temperatures
  • innovative corrosion and oxidation protection

Technological Bureau NORD has added to well-known SCTB NORD technologies like glued module, mechanically strong extruded TE materials, multilayer diffusion barriers new innovations which allow:

To strengthen diffusion barriers
To apply polymer coating for protection all sensitive components of module
To reduce cost of module fabrication due to using of advanced cutting technologies
Address :
3, Peschany Carier, 109383, Moscow, Russia