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Cooling Modules

♦ TB Nord is focused onto fabrication of powerful cooling modules with cooling capacity up to 350 W.

  • The quality of modules from TB Nord is provided by application of extruded TE materials having extremely strong mechanical properties

♦ Technology of multilayers diffusion barriers allows to use modules in heavy cycling conditions including work in PCR-machines.

  • Innovative cathaphoretic coating AnticorThermoPlus covering all conductive parts inside modules gives excellent protection against corrosion – the main enemy of cooling thermoelectric modules.
  • A set of technological instruments like gold plating of surfaces to be soldered, ultrasonic diagnostics of soldered junctions guarantees long lifetime for TB Nord modules

Product Line

The full list of TB Nord's modules can be found here

Module Marking

For the module marking we normally use the following index.

MT-XXX-YY-ZZ-M.CS, where

MT – thermoelectric module

XXX – number of couples

YY – side size of dice

ZZ – maximal current

M – glued technology

C – coating Anticor Thermo Plus


S – sealing around perimeter

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