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Generating Modules

TB Nord produces generating modules assembled from Bi2Te3 - Sb2Te3 materials in two variants:

  • with application of tin solder – 230 °C m.p.t
  • with application of solder containing Pb – 280 °C m.p.t

♦ Modules are fabricated from temperature optimized thermoelectrical materials.

♦ Multilayers diffusion barriers provide exclusively small temperature degradation of modules during exploitation at high temperatures.

♦ Layers of elastic compound introduced between substrates and semiconductor dices effectively reduce thermo-mechanical stresses arisen at big temperature gradient in modules.

♦ Cathaphoretic coating - AnticorThermoPlus - provides protection of all conductive parts inside modules against oxidation.

Module Marking

For the module marking we normally use the following index.

TM-XXX-YY-ZZ-M.CS, where

TM – thermoelectric module

XXX – number of couples

YY – side size of dice

ZZ – maximal current

M – glued technology

C – coating Anticor Thermo Plus

S – sealing around perimeter

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3, Peschany Carier, 109383, Moscow, Russia