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Generating Modules

TB Nord produces generating modules assembled from Bi2Te3 - Sb2Te3 materials in two variants:

  • with application of tin solder – 230 °C m.p.t
  • with application of solder containing Pb – 280 °C m.p.t

♦ Modules are fabricated from temperature optimized thermoelectrical materials.

♦ Multilayers diffusion barriers provide exclusively small temperature degradation of modules during exploitation at high temperatures.

♦ Layers of elastic compound introduced between substrates and semiconductor dices effectively reduce thermo-mechanical stresses arisen at big temperature gradient in modules.

♦ Cathaphoretic coating - AnticorThermoPlus - provides protection of all conductive parts inside modules against oxidation.

Specialists of Technological Bureau NORD in collaboration with technologists of affiliated Company RusTec LLC discovered feature of P-type which is important for TE generators performance at temperature above 1200C. Read more in article "Investigating the Performance of Bismuth-Antimony Telluride" by authors Z.Dashevsky, S.Skipidarov.

Product Line
The full list of TB Nord's modules can be found here

Module Marking

For the module marking we normally use the following index.

MT-XXX-YY-ZZ-M.CS, where

MT – thermoelectric module

XXX – number of couples

YY – side size of dice

ZZ – maximal current

M – glued technology

C – coating Anticor Thermo Plus

S – sealing around perimeter



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